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School Parking Issue

School Parking Issue

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have had another complaint, via the school website, from a local business on Queen’s Lane South (Strategic Offshore Research). Parents from St Joseph’s Primary School have been parking across the entrance on single, yellow lines at school drop off and pick up times.  This is causing an obstruction and is an offence.

Cars parked in this way are blocking vehicles accessing the business during that time. It is not good for community relations and traffic police are currently monitoring the situation in an effort to avoid issuing parking fines.

I am confident of your co-operation in this matter and understand the difficulties of finding a parking space in the locality. Please speak to members of the Parent Council or visit their website via the main blog. This provides safer parking alternatives in the surrounding vicinity.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Orla Fowler

Acting Head teacher

Wet weather breaks

Wet Weather Breaks

Research has shown that outdoor play is an essential element in helping children to becoming healthier individuals and better learners.  Playing outside does not only increase childrens fitness levels but also helps children to develop their social skills and increases their ability to use their imagination. Most importantly a break in the fresh air helps children to become better learners as they are able to concentrate more in class and become more focused learners.

In response to parental feedback re indoor breaks,  it is now school policy that we try as far as possible to ensure children get fresh air and exercise at playtime and lunchtime. Children will spend time outdoors even if there is light rain.

As we head towards days of typical Aberdeen autumn/winter weather could we ask that all children come to school prepared for the elements.   Unless the weather is extremely bad we will encourage pupils to play outside where they are supervised by our experienced pupil support assistants.

Please ensure that your child comes to school with suitable outdoor wear and footwear.  Waterproof jackets (everyday), and if possible waterproof trousers and wellington boots should be worn on wet days. We also recommend a change of clothes that could be left in school.

Many Thanks,


St Josephs RC Primary

Welcome back !


Dear Parents and Carers,

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to continue in my leadership role at St. Joseph’s Primary school as Acting Head Teacher at the beginning of a new school year 2017/2018.  We are happy to welcome back all current pupils as well as the new families who have joined our catholic community at the beginning of an exciting first term of learning and challenge.   

St. Joseph’s RC Primary is a very happy, inclusive and caring environment where children can grow and progress into well-rounded, confident, nurturing and responsible adults.

With the support of an enthusiastic and dedicated staff the children experience a broad and balanced curriculum and there are high expectations of pupil effort and behaviour.

As leader of the school, my main job is to make sure your child is safe, happy and achieving well whilst they are at school. The staff and I will be spending the next few weeks making sure all the children settle into their new classes and are clear about the high expectations we have of them. I believe children should feel welcome, inspired, safe and supported when they are learning. It is the aim of the whole school team to help each child become a successful learner and well-rounded individual who is ready to make the next steps in their learning journey.

Mrs Orla Fowler



Staff List 

Nursery –  Miss P Iwaszkiewicz, Mrs Pirrie, Mrs McLean & Ms S Pirie 

P1S – Mrs Steph Scott 

P1K – Mrs Orsolya Koszeghy

P2C – Mrs Christine Cuthill

P2RM – Mrs Robinson + Mrs Avril McKie

P3HP – Mrs Sylvia Henry + Mrs Judith Petrovski

P3K – Miss Lyndsey King

P4M – Mrs Monica Malet

P4GW – Mrs Fiona Grant / Mrs Denise West (Thu + Fri)

P5D – Mr Garrett Dexter

P5BL – Ms Sarah Bronzite  + Mrs Louise Lacaze

P5/6Mc – Miss Erin McGowan

P6H – Miss Beccy Haragan

P7MR – Mrs Sonia Mills/Mrs Margaret Rafferty

P7M –  Miss Joanne Morgan

Pupil Support Staff

Mrs N Edwards

Mrs M Donald

Mrs J Prusik

Mrs S Hunter

Mrs A Rivett

Mrs N Edgerton

Mrs F McAllister

Mrs J McCormack

Mrs S Reid

Miss A Drain

Mrs A Soutar

Mrs E Smith


Office Staff

Mrs M Forbes

Mrs S Skinner


Ryszard  Wolszczak




Term 4 news


Dear Parents,

Term 4 is a busy and exciting term offering many opportunities for parental engagement. We hope you will be able to be involved in your child’s learning and included in our school community in the following ways :


Week beginning May 8th – 12th Science Week.   A variety of activities and workshops to engage pupils in science experiments and challenges . Many of the activities include invites for parents to have hands on experience of science delivery in the school. Your child’s class teacher will let you know where and when these opportunities arise  during science week through the class blog.

Golden Time Activities

Beginning on Friday 5th May for five weeks.  An opportunity for parents to share their skills and talents on a Friday afternoon through a hobby or interest the children have chosen to engage in. Thank you to those parents who have volunteered their time to help this session.

Our Pupil Council are collaborating more with our Parent Council on events such us our Family Ceilidh and this term they will be more involved in activities in our Summer Fair

Numeracy Mental Maths

On the week beginning 22nd May,  P4/5, P5 and P5/6 will invite parents to a ‘Back to school Maths’  session to share the learning in Mental Maths, use of Numicon materials, Sumdog and Number Talks.

Reflective Reading

 Primary 4 have chosen to share an approach to reading where children lead the learning in comprehension and demonstrate through task roles their shared understanding of texts fiction and non fictions using the Connectors Readers. Please see class blogs for invitations in May.

1+2 French

23rd May  – Feast of Saint Madeleine Sophie Primary 1-3 pupils will invite parents to an afternoon celebration of French culture to share the fun and active approach to 2nd language learning in the infant department.

First News

Primary six will invite parents to join them for a literacy lesson using First News the newspaper for children to demonstrate how current affairs articles engage and challenge pupils in developing their comprehension skills, widening their general knowledge and vocabulary in an interesting and engaging way.

First Holy Communion 

Saturday 13th May at St. Mary’s Cathedral a very special day for our Catholic families.


Wednesday 24th May Nursery Induction We welcome new parents to our Nursery and offer sign up dates for stay and play in the coming month




Primary 1 Induction

Thursday 1st June, an important day for our new pupils and the beginning of a new relationship with parents.


Sunday 4th June –  Pentecost Sunday.  St. Mary’s Cathedral parish celebrates with families the  confirmation of many of our Primary Seven pupils.

 Annual Sports Day

Wednesday 14th June – Come along and support your child in our Sports Day at Harlaw playing fields in the afternoon.

(This event is weather permitting and an alternative date has been planned as a contingency last week of term)

Summer Fair

Sat 17th June. 12-2pm

An important  family engagement event organised by the Parent Council . Please see parent council blog for details of planning meetings if you think you can offer help or would like to be involved.


Upper Stages Show  – Cinderella Rockerfella

Let us entertain you to a musical treat courtesy of our Primary 4- 7 pupils. Two opportunities for parents to see the show Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd June.


Friday 23rd June

End of year Reports sent out to parents


We are very much looking forward to Primary I Assembly this month to discover how our youngest pupils have grown and developed in their learning during this first year. Check the class  blogs for the dates  and details of their GROW WELL CHOICES health and well being transition programme which will culminate in a joint NURSERY / PRIMARY 1 Sports Day.


Thursday 29th June P7 Leavers Ceilidh for parents and families.


Friday 30th June Leavers Mass am and Awards Ceremony  pm

Thank you to all parent volunteers in class and to our class reps who organise helpers for school trips etc.  They make a positive contribution to life of the school in many different ways.



Anti-weapon/Knife Crime at St Joseph’s

Dear Parents,

This week in assembly, I introduced the ACC Anti weapon/knife crime policy for schools. Please talk through the issues with your child. It is important that they know and understand, at an appropriate level, what weapon crime is, the consequences of carrying a weapon and the responsibilities to keep everyone safe.  The cards below have helped us to share the information with our younger pupils. 


St Joseph’s have taken steps to share the ACC message in our school.

  • There are ‘No weapons’ posters displayed throughout the school.
  • Parent leaflets containing facts on the law and the zero tolerance approach to the possession of a weapon in school (anything we can use to hurt someone) and how parents can play a part too. 
  • Primary 7 will receive age appropriate lessons on how to stay safe in various risky situations.
  • Letters setting out the expectations of our school with regard  to weapons/knives have been sent out. Please read & sign before returning to school. The success of the anti-weapon /knife strategy lies heavily on all adults modelling and presenting the appropriate messages and behaviours to ensure the safety and well being of all pupils & staff.

Thank you. 

Mrs Fowler



Good manners at St Joseph’s

Mrs Fowler spoke to the children on Friday about the importance and the power of displaying good manners. They cost nothing but help shape us in to the people we want to become. Using different media, she shared the message of the assembly with the children and staff to good effect.

This month is dedicated to the kinds of manners that promote good relationships and cohesive gatherings. Thinking about others and how your actions will affect them is part of being a great friend, teammate, or participant in any activity.

Family life with parents and siblings is also better when everyone treats each other with respect and good manners. So this month (and afterward) remember to say “please, thank you, you’re welcome, may I” and all the rest of the polite words!


So we want to know if YOU think having good manners is important.

Are you really polite and hold doors open for people?

Do you put your hands up before you speak in class?

Or maybe you think having manners is just plain old-fashioned.

Are manners important? If you meet someone with bad manners, do you think less of them?

Do you get fed up with your parents always telling you off about your behaviour?

Some of the opinions we received at senior assembly

Manners are very important. They show that someone has been brought up well and that they can behave. Having manners show the type of person that you are!

Marian, 10

I think manners are important and every family should teach their children some manners.

Jide  9

I think the only time you should really use manners is when you want to make a good impression like meeting someone for the first time or representing your school

Tom 11

I think manners are important coz it shows how good or bad a job your parents have done.

Maria 11

Welcome back.


January 2017 is here and the term begins bringing lots of new challenges and opportunities for growth and development in our school.

Our first week began with a chance to try a new initiative from Aberdeen Sports village, a diving experience which was received with much fun, enthusiasm and excitement by pupils from Primary 2 to Primary 6

This proved to be a highly motivating context for introducing and engaging our learners in the Growth mindset approach to teaching and learning through our whole school assemblies and class lessons.

Our goal this term is to adopt a growth mindset culture where we believe in our ability to improve and get better through the effort we put in to enjoying learning and the positive attitude we have towards making mistakes and welcoming challenges and new experiences as opportunities to develop resilience and our belief in everybody’s capacity to learn and grow.  We expect all our students to do well whilst understanding that different students require different approaches to help them get there.

I will be updating you on the progress and impact of this approach in the coming months.


 And for us teachers and educators there is a lesson for all in developing and maintaining our own Growth mindset.




Here at Saint Joseph’s we know that effective parental engagement through building meaningful home-school relationships has the potential to improve student outcomes even further. We have listened and responded to parental requests for more specific and targeted curriculum information on the school blog. Please look out for this curriculum information leaflet on your child’s class blog under the heading Illuminating Learning.

illum jpeg

 As some children are not always keen to talk about school work at home, this should stimulate conversations about learning and the curriculum and make pupils feel more supported and help parents become better informed about learning in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing and Religious Education.

Remember you are welcome to contact the school at any time to ask for information or for an appointment to talk to myself, Mrs. Fowler or the class teacher.

Looking forward to a successful Parents Evening in February and working with the Parent Council, pupils, teachers  and parent body on our school audit to inform our School Improvement Planning.