Welcome to our school.

St. Joseph’s RC Primary is a very happy, inclusive and caring environment where children can grow and progress into well-rounded, confident, nurturing and responsible adults. In this atmosphere the conditions are set so that each child is free to learn successfully and reach their potential in every area. With the support of an enthusiastic and dedicated staff the children experience a broad and balanced curriculum. We have a most supportive body of parents who contribute hugely to the education and wider experiences of our pupils.The whole school community works together to create a positive ethos and a very welcoming environment. I am proud to be part of such a vibrant, ambitious and inclusive school community which you will sense while scrolling down our pages.


Mrs C Tominey


One thought on “Welcome to our school.

  1. Upoma Chowdhury

    I used to go to this school and just saw on facebook and twitter that Mrs Tominey is retiring! I saw the goodbye that the kids gave and I thought that was cute, anyway good luck Mrs Tominey and I wish you best in the future xx
    Upoma Chowdhury xx


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